Truganina is a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, 21 km west from Melbourne's CBD. Its Local Government Area is the City of Wyndham and Shire of Melton. It is believed that the suburb Truganina was named after Truganini, the Tasmanian Aboriginal Elder who spent a short time in the area.

Truganina had a population of 2,958 in 2006 and is expected to have a population of 8,353 in 2011 and a population of 39,951 in 2031. This is a progressive increase of 9.9 percent or 28,633 persons from 2006.

Truganina and surrounds are growing rapidly because of their great sub-urban location. They are located in the urban growth corridor. They lie in a good location, being close to the major manufacturing areas in Laverton and the proposed business park on part of Williams RAAF base.

Truganina used to be more of a prospect for urban sprawl though, but reduced catchment in Melbourne makes it unlikely that plans will be made for land to the north of Leakes Road. Truganina will be more connected with the announcement of the Regional Rail Link.