Wyndham Vale

Wyndham Vale is a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, 36 km south-west from Melbourne's CBD. Its Local Government Area is the City of Wyndham. At the 2006 Census Wyndham Vale had a population of 10,355.

There are several primary schools in Wyndham Vale, however there are no secondary schools in the area. Although in the past there have been plans to establish a secondary school in the area, it was abandoned during the Education cuts with the introduction of the Kennett Government,  and the land sold to a developer. This action became very common in suburbs of Melbourne during the early 1990s. The state government announced in the 2007 state budget that a new P-12 school would be built in Wyndham Vale in the Manor Lakes Estate, developed by the Dennis Family Corporation. In addition a new Catholic School will be built catering up to P9 on the estate. Manor Lakes is approx 750 hectares in size and will eventually house more than 25 000 residents, making it the second largest residential development in Victoria.